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The MP Advanced Supplementation Certification On-line is designed for individuals that want the clear facts & science of  supplementation. Learn the supplement strategies shown in research to speed recovery, muscle growth and results. Get the inside-edge on supplement formulation and manufacturing procedures the industry doesn't want you to know. Discover the systems that design amazing supplement programs that take you to the next level.



When it comes to supplements, do you know….

  • How to tell the science from the marking hype?

  • Design great supplement programs?

  • Use protein supplements to promote better fat loss?

  • What nutritional supplement combination optimizes muscle gains?

  • What supplement combination can enhance work capacity by just over 400%?

  • Did you know that 30-50% of supplements on retail shelves in Australia are sold illegally? You won’t believe how they do it.


Unique Certification in Supplementation!

  • Get the systems to design state-of-the-art programs

  • Fat loss, lean muscle gains, recovery & performance!

  • Carb Timing, Protein Re-fraction & Insulin Optimization
  • The very latest industry developments!

  • Discover the secrets that companies don’t want you to know!

  • In-depth, clear and concise information on how to get the most from your supplements!


You gain instant access to an incredible, exclusive video tutorial series with Dr Paul Cribb PhD - over 5 hours of footage! Paul guides you through the maze of a multi billion dollar-a-year industry. How to see through the hype & pseudo science, learn how one supplement changed everything, know what are the Foundation supplements, What are Speculative & Experimental products, the combinations & doses that give a real edge, how to apply the science, specific applications for Athletes, the future directions of a billion-dollar industry plus more! All this plus a 5-hour audio series, 250 page fully referenced text, complete with access to on-line assessment and certification.


Special Bonus
Live & Exclusive Webinar!

In this exclusive webinar, Dr Paul Cribb PhD will take you behind the industry scenes and share with you how to obtain the best results from your supplementation. This is information from a genuine industry expert & award-winning researcher you will never obtain anywhere else. Note: this webinar will be recorded for your viewing so you won’t miss a thing.


 Here's how it works:

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  • Receive your beautifully presented text, over 250 pages via registered mail now!

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  • Gain Instant Access to the 5-hour audio series series now!

  • All on-line resources available to you 24hrs a day!

  • Simply download & complete the assessment when you feel ready

  • Complete Certification in your own time, at your own pace!

  • Plus! Your place for the Exclusive Webinar with Dr. Paul Cribb is secured!

  • Start your path to become an expert in supplementation!

Certification in
Advanced Supplementation On-line

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