One undisputed aspect essential to fat loss is burning calories/kilojules.

If you find the time to exercise, it makes sense that each workout should have the greatest impact possible on calorie expenditure, both in the short and longer term.

That means, the workout must stimulate the metabolism to burn more calories not only during but also in the hours after activity.

Research over the past 20 years that has examined this topic reveals one key aspect to maximizing calorie expenditure from physical activity.

That is, creating or ensuring inefficiency.

Efficiency is defined as maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense - the prevention of wasteful use of a resource such as energy.

Inefficiency must mean the exact opposite.

Therefore, to maximize calorie burning from exercise we need to keep implementing strategies that ensure the task is not performed easily.

fitness vs fat loss

Here’s an inescapable physiological fact; the body strives to adapt to stimuli of physical activity, quickly. That is, the more often the same activity is performed, the quicker the body adapts and adjusts to the stimuli. In other words, our energy systems, motor neural pathways and endocrine responses ensure the body becomes more efficient at completing the task. This adaptation response is also known as an increase in fitness.

Now, pay attention very carefully. This next part is a very important concept many people get wrong....

Exercise training to maximize fat loss is quite different to exercise training for fitness.

In fact, they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum and I’ll explain why.

When you train to improve fitness, you strive to improve efficiency.

Improved fitness by definition means the body is able to get from point A to point B quicker, with less effort (greater efficiency). An increase in fitness ensures there is less stress on the system when performing the activity. Improved biomechanics, less disruption to energy production and oxygen transport systems and therefore less calories expended during the activity and in the hours after.

Let me provide you with a familiar experience that illustrates this important point.

Remember the very first time you ever tried to swim laps in a pool? It probably nearly killed you, particularly if it was an Olympic size (50 meter) pool. However, if you persevered, the activity got easier. After a few weeks you were probably gliding up and down the lane, notching up the laps at a much easier rate.

As weeks progressed, it became easier to get from one end of the pool to the other. You achieved efficiency.

Now, that’s great if the goal is to improve swimming performance but for fat loss and improving body shape, it’s the worst approach you can take. When most people commence an exercise training program they often focus on getting fit. However, getting fit does not guarantee great result in fat loss.

Unless an extreme approach to exercise training is taken (such as training for very high level competition), rarely does an increase in fitness result in significant, permanent fat loss.

Think carefully about the experiences you’ve had with exercise. Plus, I’m sure you can think of lots of people you’ve seen “get fit” but still have a lot of fat to lose. Another example is so many of our elite sports champions struggle with weight problems when they retire from the rigors of competition.

For most people, training simply to improve fitness will not ensure significant fat loss.

Athlete's strive to improve fitness. That’s why they perform the same (or very similar) activities, often. On the other hand, to maximize calorie expenditure (and fat loss) you must strive to ensure inefficiency during physical activity.

Can you improve fitness and maximize fat loss at the same time?

Of course.

However, it does take a structured approach, a little thought and planning. Here’s how you can promote fitness but also maximize fat loss at the same time. In fact, by following these strategies you'll turn cardio workouts into a potent fat loss weapon.

Step 1. Perform activities that make you carry/move your own body weight. This doesn’t have to mean high-impact activities either. Good trainers and instructors are able to provide the most challenging workouts without undue stress on joints.

Step 2. Perform exercise that you are not particularly good at! As much as it goes against human nature, its much better to get outside your personal comfort zone a little and have a go at activities that you are new or you’re not particularly good at. The up-shot is, you’ll burn more calories! (Remember the swimming analogy?)

Step 3. When you perform familiar activities don’t make them easy! I visit fitness clubs everywhere, and I always see these poor souls parked on stationary bikes reading a book or staring at a TV set. Others are walking on high-incline treadmills clutching the handles as if it’s indoor rock climbing. These people haven’t got a hope in hell of shifting the flab.

Step 4. Prime your body to maximize fat loss. So many people sabotage their results from exercise by not priming their physiology for fat loss. They do this by exercising for too long, performing the wrong type and not enough of the right type, they cut calories without knowing exactly what to eat at the correct time.

The fact is, the strategic consumption of the correct nutrients at the right time to dramatically improve results from exercise training. A feature of Metabolic Precision is a step by step guide on how to eat and supplement to maximize the effect of every single moment spent working out. Eat to improve health, energy and body shape all at once!

Step 5. Make sure every workout presents a slightly different metabolic stress.  This last point is important and only requires subtle variations. Exercise outside, choose hills and different locations. If you ride a stationary bike inside, make small changes in speed, resistance, RPMs and work intervals – every workout.

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