Healthy Pizzas!


Well, another week in lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria 

Yep, 14 days at home, can’t go anywhere, no school, no sport, no gyms, no gatherings or traveling any further than a 10km radius. So what do you do? 

We make Pizza!

Even better, we make healthy Pizza!

My Pizza is nutrition packed, provides less than one-third of the carbs, fat and calories of a regular pizza!

And we made our Pizza's ‘LIVE’ in our Facebook Community group. See the 3 mins version below.

With my two little apprentices Ollie, 11 yrs and Zac, 7 yrs on deck, we show each step and have lots of fun together. A real family winner.

Prep & Cook Time: Just 40 minutes

Serves: 8 slices.

Wouldn't you like to serve your family a pizza that is nutrition packed with less than one-third of the fat, carbs and calories of a regular pizza!

Get the recipe in the Fabulous Family Eats chapter in The Transformation Cookbook

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